Absence Tracking

This video will give you an overview of how to use the Absence Tracking feature:


1. Go to the Department Schedules Page (Note: You can also use absence tracking feature from the Personal Schedule and Staffing Details pages if you prefer)


2. Click on the shift you need to adjust


3. Click "Reassign"


4. Choose whom you'd like to reassign the shift to


5. If you'd like to record an absence for the original employee, toggle the "Record Absence" switch to ON 


6. If and only if you've reassigned the shift to "Leave Open," you will see the option to "Notify Potential Assignees." Checking this box will send a direct message to all employees who have the appropriate Job Title to cover the shift informing them of the open shift.


7. Select a reason for the absence


8. Add additional notes if you'd like (Could include more details or the number of hours missed)


9. Click Save