Create a Shift

1. Click on the job-title of the day of the week you wish to add a shift to


The 'Create Shift' box will pop up as seen below.


2. From the dropdown box next to 'Employee' you can either leave the shift open or choose from the list of employees with that job title.


3. Choose a 'Start Time' of the shift.



4. Choose an 'End Time' of the shift.


5. Choose a 'Break Start' time.


Note: The 'Break Time' fields only need to be filled in if your employees have an unpaid break during their shift. This will accurately calculate their hours by not including the break time.


6. Indicate the duration of the break in minutes in the 'Break Time' box.


Note: A 'Break Start' time is required to calculate the break. Do not fill out the 'Break Time' without indicating a 'Start Time'.


7. Click 'Save' to create the shift.