Template Schedules

Your department's "Template" or Master Schedules are stored here on the "Template Schedules" page.


View/Edit Your Template Schedule

1. to View or Edit your Template Schedule click the "View/Edit" link.

Please note that editing your Template will not change any schedules that are already activated. Those schedules have already been transferred from before. However, any future department schedules that you create will reflect the changes you make here.


2. In most cases you will only have 1 Template Schedule. If you have more than one you can view which one is actively being used by the label "(Activate)" after the template name. The activated template is the one that will be applied to the department schedule when you click "Activate" on the "Department Schedule" page.



Create a New Template

It is rare that you will ever need to create a new template. But if you do, please contact EasyShifts customer support and we will be glad to help you do so.