Set Availability

The following video will show you how to set your availability in EasyShifts:

Manage Availability Employee

To set your availability: 


1.  Go to the 'Employees' tab.


2.  Click on 'Manage Availability' next to your name.  


This will open the page to manage your availability.  



Set day of the week and time when you prefer to work and when you are not available:


1.  Click on a day and time that you would like to set your availability. Choose whether you prefer to work during that time or if your are unavailable.


2.  Green block indicate your preferred times to work.


3.  Red blocks indicate that you are unavailable. 


Adjust the time:


1.  Click and drag the top of the box to adjust the start time.  


2.  Drag the bottom to adjust the end time.


3.  Click on the box itself and drag to another day of the week.  


NOTE:  Not all facilities have this feature.  Your administrator decides if employees are allowed to set their availability.  

            Adding your availability does not guarantee that you will get your preferred hours or not be scheduled when you are 'unavailable'.  This feature just serves as a helpful guide for your administrator.